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Ropers of Honor (RoH) is a Worms: Armageddon clan, created by Darkmaul in March, 2007. The clan used to play Worms: World Party, but after a year, they moved to Worms Armageddon since their favourite game slowly became inactive and died.

We are an all-around clan, mostly focusing on roping schemes, but also on other schemes such as Team17, Elite, Normal, Bungee Race or whatever we like. We have many members, most of them experts in different schemes.

We believe that playing league games, singles or clanners, participating in tourneys and cups is just as much fun as "funners". We like to play better if there is something at stake, since it is a lot more fun if both players do their bests to win, and failing in a glorious battle like this is just part of a game.

More about us here.

Newest Member: Dub-c (March 20, 2013)

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